Previously Fired? How to Talk About it in an Interview?

Talk About it in an Interview

Getting sacked is nothing new in the competitive world of today, no matter which sector you are working in, there is always a chance to get fired and the reasons can be countless. Once sacked, it becomes extra tough to be hired again. Often, candidates are given a thumbs down and rejected mostly for their inability to answer or react to the question “why were you previously fired?”

Here are some points, which may help you turn your negative aspect of ‘previously fired’ into a positive one and also increase your chances to be hired:

Don’t Lie

Let’s come to the basic principle of ‘be honest’. In interviews, you may be enticed and may want to lie about why you were sacked. Well, this may be a horrible idea. On the other hand, if you are completely honest, giving a logical explanation of what happened to your last job, you increase your chances to get hired. It is a well-known fact that honesty wins trust and once the trust is built, it will definitely help you survive in the long run.

Avoid Placing Blame

Your last job may have ended in a hazardous manner and yes, it may not have been your fault at all. But during your interview, never try to pin blame on supervisors, colleagues, etc. Never waste time explaining how it wasn’t your fault, instead try to spell out how you were equally responsible for what happened and how you could have performed better. This will frame you in the eyes of the interviewer as person who confidently accepts a mistake and may prove a good fit for the company. After all, what  boss wants to be blamed?

Focus On What You Learned

Did you make a big mistake? Its fine, all of us make mistakes, what matters is to learn from that mistake and make sure you never make such a mistake again. The interviewer never expects you to be perfect so don’t try to be. An interviewer will always prefer a person who learns from their mistakes and makes efforts to perform better. Always remember that lessons you learn in the beginning of your career tend to help you throughout your life. Keep underscoring how the mistake you made has helped shape you into a better professional than you were before the mistake.

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