How to Draw in the Best Candidates to Your Health Care Facility?

Professional Staffing
The healthcare sector today is on a high with facilities vying with one another to attract the best talent. This is probably one industry where job seekers rule the roost and employers have to highlight their standing in the community. Hence, if you are an employer in health care and want to ensure that talented job seekers select you as their first choice, you have to work towards this end and follow a few simple steps.

Catch them young

This is one sure way of attracting future talent. Promote medical education by teaming up with medical or nursing colleges in your area of operation. Contact high schools to get people into the health care field by having them join the courses. Once they complete the programs, you have a ready-made pool of talent to draw from. True you have to invest substantial sums in sponsoring the candidates but that will pay off in the long run when they will help you optimize operations of your health care facility.

Offer high growth potential

Suitable candidates will join your health care facility not because of the short term benefits that you offer such as lucrative salaries, but rather because they believe your facility can provide opportunities for high career growth. Structure training programs that will make them work better as a team. Motivate them to opt for courses that you feel will be beneficial for your facility and assures long term benefits once the employees go through them. You can be sure that you will receive applications from the cream of the crop once word gets around that you provide valuable career enhancing opportunities.

Try unique recruitment processes

Go the digital way and connect with potential job seekers. Even though there are sites exclusively for professionals, you should browse the more socially oriented ones too. When you connect with job seekers on these sites, you come out as an employer who is not only tech savvy but also one who is caring and interested in knowing more about potential employees before hiring them.

Further, you may also tap your current employees to be on the lookout for good candidates. Professionals of the same breed flock together and hence your employees might come across a job seeker who is just right for the specific vacancy in your facility.

Most importantly get the word out in as many ways as possible that you are hiring.  However excellent your facility might be, you will never get good talent unless you make it known in the community.

Have exit interviews

Inevitably, there will be employees who leave your facility.  Conducting exit interviews with them will give you a fair idea of the flaws in your organization that you should iron out. An employee who has resigned will not be afraid to give you an honest opinion of your health care facility. By paying attention to their point of view you should be able to fix the weak spots.

Follow these guidelines to get the top talent for your health care facility.

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Should a career as a Medical Assistant be considered?

job as a medical assistant

A vast field like healthcare is full of career opportunities, Medical Assistant is one of them. What follows are several reasons why you should consider it as a career.

Job Growth

Our population is aging and is always in need of people to take care of them, medical assistants are always in demand. It’s a prevailing fact that medical assistants are an important component of teams who provide care for the aging. With the increasing needs in healthcare, the need for medical assistants are projected to rise immensely.  As a matter of fact, by 23 percent through the year 2024.

Quick Training/Certification

There are multiple education pathways available for those considering becoming a medical assistant. Most medical assistants have post secondary education such as a certificate or diploma while others enter the field with a high school diploma and on the job training.  Although not a requirement, acquiring certification will increase a medical assistant’s marketability.  This certification can be achieved by passing an exam offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

Diverse Workplace

Medical assistants are capable of working in diverse settings.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than half work in offices of physicians.  Additional settings where they are employed include hospitals, outpatient care centers, colleges and universities, medical research centers, diagnostic laboratories, insurance carriers, and nursing care facilities.

Consistent Work Hours/Days

The job of a medical assistant is highly flexible in regards to working hours/days. Most work full time, however those employed by facilities that operate 24/7 may be expected to work evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Want a Job as a Medical Assistant?

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Previously Fired? How to Talk About it in an Interview?

Talk About it in an Interview

Getting sacked is nothing new in the competitive world of today, no matter which sector you are working in, there is always a chance to get fired and the reasons can be countless. Once sacked, it becomes extra tough to be hired again. Often, candidates are given a thumbs down and rejected mostly for their inability to answer or react to the question “why were you previously fired?”

Here are some points, which may help you turn your negative aspect of ‘previously fired’ into a positive one and also increase your chances to be hired:

Don’t Lie

Let’s come to the basic principle of ‘be honest’. In interviews, you may be enticed and may want to lie about why you were sacked. Well, this may be a horrible idea. On the other hand, if you are completely honest, giving a logical explanation of what happened to your last job, you increase your chances to get hired. It is a well-known fact that honesty wins trust and once the trust is built, it will definitely help you survive in the long run.

Avoid Placing Blame

Your last job may have ended in a hazardous manner and yes, it may not have been your fault at all. But during your interview, never try to pin blame on supervisors, colleagues, etc. Never waste time explaining how it wasn’t your fault, instead try to spell out how you were equally responsible for what happened and how you could have performed better. This will frame you in the eyes of the interviewer as person who confidently accepts a mistake and may prove a good fit for the company. After all, what  boss wants to be blamed?

Focus On What You Learned

Did you make a big mistake? Its fine, all of us make mistakes, what matters is to learn from that mistake and make sure you never make such a mistake again. The interviewer never expects you to be perfect so don’t try to be. An interviewer will always prefer a person who learns from their mistakes and makes efforts to perform better. Always remember that lessons you learn in the beginning of your career tend to help you throughout your life. Keep underscoring how the mistake you made has helped shape you into a better professional than you were before the mistake.

How can absolute staffers help you?

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How Can a Healthcare Staffing Agency Help to Build Your Career?

staffing agency career

Searching a job is not easy. It actually impacts an individual mentally as well as emotionally. Though you have the support of your family members and friends, still you’ll feel lonely; because no one can understand what it takes to search for a decent job. Well, if you work with a healthcare staffing agency, you can feel like you have a support at every step.

Now that we have grabbed your attention, listed below are a few important ways how a healthcare staffing agency can help you:

Finding jobs as per your calibre - In staffing agencies, there are job search professionals who have been in this industry for years now. So, they have adequate knowledge about which job would suit your skills, experience and calibre. These staffing agencies can help you find job opportunities before they enter the general market. People searching for jobs in healthcare are the stereotypes since as per them, healthcare implies working in hospitals, however they are not aware of the fact that there are millions of opportunities apart from this, such as working in physician’s office, health insurance companies, surgical centers, etc. The additional benefit you can get by working with a staffing agency is the exposure to various positions that you may not have heard before.

Helping you to find your next job before your existing contract ends - When you know that your contract is going to end, you need to find the next assignment as soon as possible because you can’t sit idle. But, how can it be possible as you are currently working on a project and don’t usually have enough time in hands to search for a new job? In such a situation, your healthcare staffing agency can help you find the next assignment instantly; they will spend as much time as they can to get you a reliable job.

Opening doors for opportunities - A staffing agency opens the door for lucrative job opportunities. Sometimes, companies find themselves short-staffed due to various reasons like there may be someone retiring soon or someone has already left the job. If they don't hire new staff on time, their productivity may get affected. Well, in such cases, these companies’ get in touch with staffing agencies to fulfill their position. So it might help you to get a job quickly and it may also be a lifetime opportunity because companies also look for full-time employees instead of contract-based.

How Can Absolute Staffers Help You?

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What Does it Need to be an International Nurse in the US?

What Does it Need to be an International Nurse in the US
Being a foreign trained nurse, you have this opportunity to test your skills and see where you stand. Registered nurse jobs in the United States are plenty and offer lucrative salaries. This tag of international nursing will add up to your resume and can create numerous job opportunities for you that you truly deserve. So, are you ready? Do you have the potential to be a nurse in the United States? Have you been searching for medical healthcare jobs?

You need to have some specific qualifications to be a nurse in the United States:

  • Knowing multiple languages- If you can speak and understand languages other than the English, then it will be an added advantage for you. A multilingual person can better communicate with the patients who doesn’t understand English and vice versa.

  • Be a specialist- International nursing provides you the opportunity to get specialization in a specific healthcare field wherein you want to excel. A nurse who has a specialization in a particular field gets more salary than her counterparts.

  • Mature and self-sufficient- You sometimes feel lonely in an offshore country if you have not made up your mind prior to moving here. However, if you are an easy-going person, you will succeed for sure. Moreover, in some cases where you miss your family and friends you can connect with them whenever and wherever you want through Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp etc.

  • Quick learner- How quick you are at learning new things? Well, in the case of nurses, it is better for you to learn as fast as you can. In your interview, you can display your skills which you have garnered in your nursing career.

  • Be positive- Any hospital will be happy to have you in their nursing team, provided you always wear a nice smile and show good attitude towards others. So, if you have it in you, go and take the lead.

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What Comprises of an Ideal Hospital Culture? Find Out Now!

Ideal Hospital Culture
It’s a well-known fact that hospitals, which handle their patients well, always remain one step ahead of their competition. So, in order to keep yourself ahead, the first thing you need to do is to know what kind of services you are providing to your patients, then you must analyze if you want to make any changes that can prove beneficial for you and then discuss with your employees about what changes you want to see in the existing work culture.

You can evaluate the work culture of your establishment by just observing the staff. Do they respect higher authority? Do they actually care for their patients? How is the temporary staff being treated? Never ignore what your nurses, doctors and patients are trying to convey you. Go through your hospital's website and thoroughly check the reviews of the patients as this is will give you an insight of the work ethics of your staff. You need to keep checking the reviews in order to see if there is any progress in the work culture or not.

What your observations tell you? Does your hospital provide safety, proper care and values the dignity of its patients? If the answer is yes, this means that your hospital is following the ideal work ethics. If the answer is no, then it’s a matter of concern. This is the time for you to decide as where you need an improvement.

Things you should focus on with regards to an ideal hospital culture:

- Importance should be given to patient safety

- All staff should be treated equally

- There should be team spirit among the staff

- Better communication among the staff members

Once you have decided to make changes in the existing work culture, now it’s the time to implement those changes. Though, it’s not an easy task in the healthcare firm to bring changes in the work culture as there are quite a few number of temporary employees here. So, you need to follow some of the steps to counter this problem:

- Conduct staff meetings. Clearly convey to your employees regarding the kind of work ethics you expect from them and you should remind them about the same on a daily basis.

- Pay incentives to the employees who abide by the rules and regulations of the hospital.

- Make each and every employee feel that they are contributing towards the success of your hospital.

- You must set an example before your staff so that they follow you.

Keep doing well! Setting a work culture is not something which you start and then forget about it. It’s an ongoing process. So, to determine whether your hospital is progressing or not, you must always keep doing the same thing time and again and that is Observe, listen and survey. If you do this, you will definitely see the progress. Remember that you are just an advisor, but it’s your staff that can make it happen.

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5 Tips to a Successful Relationship With a Healthcare Recruiter

Medical Healthcare Recruiter
There’s absolutely nothing more advantageous than having a fantastic association with medical healthcare recruiters as a nurse. For those who have a solid bond, these recruiters can certainly assist you in building your nursing professional career by working with you to look for perfect opportunities for your niche in the area preferred by you.

In case you’re seeking to develop a thoughtful association with your recruiter, listed below are a few ideas on how to accomplish that.

  1. Stay informed about recruiter’s job listings: A great way to have a recruiter’s attention is simply by following them on social networking accounts so as to learn about the jobs they are publishing. This may consist of Facebook, Twitter, as well as LinkedIn. As soon as you learn about a job, you should mail them a resume and/or job application letter that explains your proficiency and abilities. Tell them the reason why they should recruit you. This not just demonstrates your commitment to your job, but additionally can inspire a great discussion.

  2. Be truthful whenever questioned: Medical healthcare recruiters intend to make certain they place you in the place wherein both the healthcare provider and the nurse thrive. The easiest method to ensure that a placement works well with everyone engaged is to be truthful with regards to what you are searching for. In case you're not fine with being placed in a small town, don’t accept the job. It is advisable to reply truthfully and have a recruiter recruit you in a bigger city and have you comforted and efficient than to agree with going to a small place and feel disappointed or prefer to quit your job early.

  3. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in exchange: Don’t be reluctant to ask questions. As before, companies offering medical recruitment services intend to make sure that everybody is satisfied with regards to placement, and that demands truthfulness. Not certain you would easily fit in at a facility or perhaps area? Inquire about it. Not alright with the salary? Make sure to inform them up front, as well. You as a nurse likewise have requirements and desires, therefore, be sincere with your recruiter.

  4. Try to remain open-minded: Although you may truly want Hawaii or perhaps Florida, it’s best to have an open mind regarding location. Relocating to a place you didn’t plan to go to can assist you in learning a lot of skills such as flexibility and resourcefulness. Your flexibility furthermore enables you to be a worthy candidate.

  5. Follow up with your recruiter even after beginning a job: A great way to build a good association with a healthcare recruiter is to ensure you check in with them from time to time. This will help you in maintaining the bond you guys have and will signify a lot to your recruiter. The chances are good that your recruiter would reach out, and if you happen to be busy, it is good to take the initiative to a call them whenever you can. Sooner or later, your recruiter will acknowledge you over other applicants on account of your persistent communication and will be more willing to assist you in finding your perfect job.Looking for a job in the healthcare industry? Let us at Absolute Staffers help you. Call us at +1 301-498-0000 or email at to know more about our medical recruitment services in the US.

5 Emerging Trends Reshaping the Healthcare Sector in the US

Medical Healthcare Staffing
Healthcare industry in the US has been transforming on a regular basis. A newly released report in Healthcare Financial News pointed out the study from the PwC Health Research Institute, comprising of the leading five trends that are reshaping the medical sector nowadays. We’ve outlined all of them below for your understanding:

A Change from Volume-based to Value-Based Care: The medical sector in the US is now making a transition to a value-based treatment approach, wherein patients are given a continuous attention across the healthcare solution. In accordance with the Healthcare Finance News, this trend is going to have an instant effect on the healthcare sector of United States.

Well-being and Health Management: The study from HRI established that the healthcare setup is additionally progressing in the direction of emphasizing on well-being as well as prevention, that enables a patient to become a more active participant in his/her care. The trend of Fitbits, changes in the American food regimen, as well as employer-driven well-being packages are typically some of the instances of this movement in motion, as per the Healthcare Finance News.
Consumerism: Patients nowadays are behaving a lot more like consumers since they look around for healthcare companies before settling with one. The research furthermore stated that this trend can result in revenue growth in the market since consumers are directed towards much simpler and effective healthcare choices.

System Decentralization: An increased number of patients in the US nowadays are in search of virtual treatment options, remote patient supervising, and traveling to retail clinics in greater numbers.

Technological Innovation and Digitization: The study from HRI disclosed that machine learning, 3-D printing along with the utilization of digital healthcare data is likely to assist in helping the healthcare industry to become more effective and beneficial over the long term.

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3 Best Nurse Recruitment Tips and Tricks for Hospitals

Best Nurse Recruitment Tips and Tricks for Hospitals

It’s absolutely no mystery that the nurse scarcity has rocked the medical sector in recent times. With an increasing aged human population, increased levels of retiring nurses, along with a shortage of fresh graduate nurses, a lot of medical staff supervisors are left scuffing their heads.

Even though your hospital can’t modify a handful of the elements that resulted in this scarcity, you do nevertheless have the authority to hire top-notch workforce and retain exceptional patient care. Seem too good to be true? It’s not. Here are the best nurse recruitment approaches for hospitals:

Build a fantastic hospital environment: Your existing nurses may be among your very best assets to entice fresh talent. In case your staff enjoys working in your hospital, chances are they are going to inform other nurses. Take advantage of this word of mouth. Build a motivating work environment at your hospital, and you’ll not just enroll fresh talent to your team, but additionally keep your existing nurses. What does that appear to be ?

Listed below are just a couple of suggestions to help you get started:

Begin with gratitude: Nurses work tirelessly and their work justifies acknowledgment. A little bit of appreciation can go a very long way, also it often is rather very simple to accomplish with week-long, yearly proceedings such as National Nurses Week. Everybody desires to work wherein they are fully aware that they are appreciated.

Seek the services of temporary nurses: Temporary work forces, such as Travel Nurses or perhaps Per Diem Nurses, additionally assist in increasing the morale of the staff. They might help in reducing the level of pressure on permanent workforce and reduce burnout. Being an extra bonus, your patients likewise obtain better treatment.

Fight nurse hazing: Nurse bullying continues to be a trending topic recently in the medical field. With powerful anti-bullying guidelines at hand, it is possible to stop this type of environment at your hospital. Effective management is crucial; as a result you’ll need to hold staff members responsible whenever needed.

Provide Professional Growth: Cushy perks are excellent rewards to provide nurses, however they aren’t all the time everything. Certain nurses intend to work for less in case your hospital provides professional growth programs. Continuing training enables your nursing team the chance to enhance their abilities and offers a course of development within the medical center system.

Update your recruitment procedures: As a healthcare staffing administrator, you intend to seek the services of the appropriate people for the suitable job. Seems straightforward in concept; however, it often is difficult to implement in reality. You might need to take into account recruiting Travel Nurses, or even better, a professional recruitment agency USA.

Absolute Staffers, one amongst the top and most professional staffing USA based companies, will take care of the tiresome hiring procedure on your behalf and resolve your nurse shortfall with top notch nurses. Our Verification Process will even make sure that your hospital gets simply the best of the best of employees.

Any time all is said as well as done, you like your hospital to get a well-functioning team and offer superior patient care. Even during this time of huge nurse shortages, it is possible to remain in front of the staffing curve. Simply adhere to the above mentioned three nurse recruitment approaches for hospitals, and you’ll be heading in the right direction!

Major Perks Staffing Agencies Provide Hospitals

A hospital may prepare a course of action for emergencies, but shortages in staff are bound to happen due to reasons such as an unprecedented exigency, a sudden resignation, or a medical emergency. In such scenarios, other hospital staff will be required to fill up the empty posts, pulling them away from potentially critical responsibilities. However, the encumbrance of such a situation can be curbed with the help of an appropriate staffing agency. Experienced healthcare medical staffing agencies with good reputations have expert consultants working for them which help them fulfill the hospital's requirements.

Choosing the correct recruiter is highly important to avoid any unwanted difficulties. Let us look at some of the chief perks that the correct US staffing agency will provide a hospital with.

Diligent Evaluation of Every Provider

A good healthcare medical staffing agency will have dedicated units that focus entirely on checking the credibility of each potential provider in order to ensure that they are legitimate and that they meet the requirements of the hospital. This is important as it will eliminate the possibility of a phony provider getting through. You want to make sure that the clinician you're getting for your hospital has verifiable certifications, valid work experience, and a clean criminal record. A good healthcare recruiter will also make sure that clinicians are devoid of any misconduct or malpractice and that they aren't charged with sanctions against licensure. These steps are highly important to make sure the providers are reliable and consistent in their practice.

Punctilious Credentialing To Streamline Hiring Process

Once the initial filtering is done, it is essential that there aren't any hiccups in the hiring process. The good medical healthcare recruiters will make sure they have dedicated teams that work solely to make sure the hiring process is streamlined. They work on external credentialing. Any formalities that the providers need to complete or the hospital needs help with, the agencies provide help with. Any further verification required after the initial verification is also followed-up on by the agency. This ensures the process gets completed as soon as possible.

Dedicated Expert Recruiters for Each Medical Specialty

This is where a major difference lies between a veteran recruiter and a smaller staffing agency. The smaller agency would most likely only offer its services in a few medical specialties or not have dedicated recruiters for different specialties whereas the veteran agency is highly likely to have one dedicate recruiter for one specialty. Having dedicated recruits for specific specialty enables the recruiters to focus on honing their knowledge of the industry, allowing them to make correct decisions quickly. Experienced recruiters also have well-established connections in the industry; they'll know when someone is a free agent. This network lets them connect the hospital with the best providers. This comes in handy when the hospital demands are specific and urgent.

24/7 Service to Take Care of All Arrangements

Consistent and dependable agencies offer more than just being a gateway to reliable providers. The good companies providing healthcare staffing services also provide for all the accommodation for each provider they choose for the hospital. This takes away all the potential nuisances that could arise. Moreover, they are ready, at all times, to provide any additional support the hospital may need. This is what separates the good agencies from the not-so-good ones. They have consultants ready round-the-clock to take care of every detail and blunder.

Staff shortages are never comfortable for any hospital. Taking care of them is full of hardship. However, with the assistance of an expert medical staffing agency like Absolute Staffers can help curb a lot of the challenges that come with staffing. Our company work meticulously in order to ensure that each demand is met and only the most qualified and experienced physicians are provided to the hospital. Call us at +1 301-498-0000 to know more.

How Does Healthcare Staffing Vary from Other Sectors ?

Healthcare Staffing Vary from Other Sectors

Any time we collaborate with our medical businesses, how do we customize our healthcare staffing services? In certain aspects, it is quite comparable to what we undertake in any sector – recognize vital characteristics and skills and configure selection methods that are going to speculate which prospects can be successful.

As a matter of fact, as hospitals seek to other sectors for ways to solve their problems, such as implementing 'lean' management tactics, we certainly have the benefit of implementing what we’ve mastered in the production, distribution, retail, as well as customer support segments. Definitely our strategy to legal defensibility continues to be the same. (And is more essential than ever since the OFCCP attempts to verify its jurisdiction over hospitals). Beyond these, nevertheless, healthcare differs in lots of areas:

Intricacy – Hospitals are likely to have incredibly complicated organizational setups in comparison with their overall capacity. A 400-bed healthcare facility may have over 1,000 distinct job labels.

Remarkably Skilled Specialists – A major part of the workforce- doctors, nurses, allied healthcare and many technical roles, are quite qualified and have an elevated level of autonomy. A lot of them have performance indicators specified by the career and by state as well as national development and licensing organizations.

A Fragmented Organization Setup – A car manufacturer designs the complete labor force around manufacturing of the car. Hospitals, just recently, have started to use a service line or perhaps patient-centered strategy to organizational arrangement, created around the patient experience. Generally, a medical center is made around comparatively individual divisions, each with significant autonomy.

De-Centralized And Varied Employment Procedures – This autonomy usually fosters a decentralized as well as sporadic strategy to hiring and selecting. Nursing has got its approach, additional divisions do something altogether different, and professional staffing USA doctors is informally managed by the C-suite along with the VPMA. Inconsistency between nursing homes in a process, or perhaps hiring supervisors within the same medical center, makes standardization challenging and form needless legal peril.

Customer Support Is Not a 'Nice to Have' – Each and every business desires to strengthen customer support however with the innovative HCAHPS prerequisites, patient contentment ratings are an essential success metric for the medical facilities.

The Dynamics of the Services – Second-rate in a manufacturing facility indicates a bad product and an undermined competitive edge. Second-rate in a medical center indicates problems for patients and the hospital’s capability to meet its goal.

Suitably, we suggest a distinct method of selection:

Healthcare-Specific Systems – Simply, off the shelf personality assessments that could be fantastic for other sectors don’t work well for healthcare. Nurses, medical professionals, as well as other healthcare providers are distinct and ratings need to include knowledge of the tasks and the abilities that result in prosperity.

A Multi-Level Solution – Building a patient as well as family centered atmosphere implies you can’t simply strengthen the measure of customer support offered by the nursing workforce. Even house cleaning services influences the patient experience, and if you don’t seek the services of superior professionals, employing better front line staff is useless.

Think About the 'Future-State' – Medical field is evolving – quickly. Our conventional superior performers might not be precisely what we require going forward. It requires a comprehensive knowledge of the new complications and of the perspective of the company, so as to establish the staff for the long term.

The healthcare staffing services procedures can be employed to any sector and many sectors are identical in lots of areas therefore staffing methods can be used in much the same way. For a lot of factors, healthcare is exclusive and your strategy for staffing must echo these variances.

Why Relocation Can Prove to be Beneficial for Your Healthcare Career?

Relocation Can Prove to be Beneficial for Your Healthcare Career

Relocation can prove to be an unpleasant experience for some people and exciting for some. There are people who don't like changes in their life, while others are always looking for adventures and new exciting opportunities. For people working in the health care industry relocation can offer growth opportunities. Various healthcare staffing services or recruitment agency USA also recommend relocating to a new place for better career opportunities to their clients.

The various benefits of relocating for a healthcare professional have been discussed below:

New location can reinvigorate a person - There are cases where life can become monotonous for a person. In such a case new surroundings can invigorate a person. Especially for people who don't have their own house in a particular city, shifting to another city can bring about a change in life and make him happy and cheerful, thus ensuring greater focus on work.

Access to new community - Sometimes meeting new people and becoming part of a new community can make a person feel much better. It might help in getting over the disappointments of the past and commencing a new chapter in life. With renewed energy, he might perform better in his job. Health care jobs could prove to be monotonous at times, relocation might just prove to be the step in the right direction.

Better opportunities - For a person who is employed in a healthcare job in a small city where there are no large scale healthcare institutions, shifting to a large city with better opportunities would be a great option. A larger healthcare enterprise will offer more lucrative job opportunities with better future growth prospects. There is no point in continuing in a small scale enterprise which is offering lesser salary.

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How Good Soft Skills can Help in Making a Good Medical Career?

Soft Skills

Soft skills mainly refers to ability to deal with people in a pleasant manner, common sense, positive and flexible attitude towards life.  These desirable qualities make a person attractive for other people despite not having any acquired knowledge. The main feature of these skills is that they cannot be taught or are natural. Whereas hard skills are learnt through study.  For example, a language or a scientific subject can only be learnt through study, whereas patience and empathy are natural.

In a medical career, having soft skills offers various advantages:

  • Good communication skills helps in spreading the information properly - Strong communication skills not only help in avoiding communication gap but also help in creating a favorable impression on the people on whose contact you come in day to day life.

  • Helps in becoming a team player - When you are working in a team, you require to have certain soft skills for successfully dealing with other members of the organization. You need to be enthusiastic, flexible, and collaborative in order to succeed in a team.

  • Helps in gaining an edge over others - Generally people with good soft skills become more popular than those with poor soft skills. In medical healthcare jobs like nursing etc, the people with good soft skills are given preference as they can offer better emotional support and care to patients.

  • People who volunteer are given greater responsibilities - Many healthcare functions don't require any knowledge or particular skill. Generally people who show interest or drive towards a particular job are given preference. So soft skills like passion and dedication are valued.

Absolute Staffers have created a niche for themselves in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in leading institutions across United States of America. They have accumulated a large client base over a period of time.  Their remuneration charges are extremely nominal. For more information,  contact

How Healthcare Recruiting Services Can Be Useful For Prospective Candidates in 2017?

Healthcare Recruiting Services Can Be Useful For Prospective Candidates

The year 2016 is behind us and the year 2017 brings new hope for everyone. For a person looking for his dream job, it is the best time to formulate new strategies. Healthcare industry is offering various excellent opportunities for people looking for good career options. A healthcare recruiter can play a crucial role in helping a prospective candidate in finding a job as per his requirement. Over the years, they have created relationships with numerous well established healthcare institutions. They offer opportunities to interview in leading healthcare institutions.

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of hiring healthcare recruitment services:


Access to myriad of clients - Looking for a new job can prove to be challenging task especially for new starters. For a new beginner, it is difficult to find the right healthcare organization due to lack of experience. Whereas the recruitment firms have access to thousands of healthcare establishments. The basic goal of the recruitment firms is to ensure that the candidates get access to the right companies and the companies get the right candidates. The recruitment firms not only build strong relations with the healthcare firms but also with the candidates. Since offering recruitment services is all about building relationships with clients, they make their best efforts towards offering excellent services to their clients.

A thoroughly professional approach - The recruitment firms deal with thousands of clients at the same time and are always on the lookout for new clients. They invest full energy and time to find out the needs of each and every client. They carefully assess both the requirements and what will suit the candidates as per their qualification. Recruitment firms are fully aware about the latest employment trends, job details, recruitment practices etc, due to the industry experience they have gathered over the years.

Cost effective services - The healthcare recruitment services are quite cost effective, if you take in to account the benefits which could be availed out of them. At reasonable charges, they can help in shaping the career of a person by helping him find the right opportunity with future growth opportunities. Whereas it might be difficult for a new person or even for a person with experience to find the right opportunity on his own.

Helpful in negotiating the salary with the employers - It is difficult for a candidate to negotiate his salary on his own with an established employer. There could also be a situation where a candidate might ask for a salary amount which is unreasonable and get rejected. The recruitment firms will not only advise the candidate regarding the amount of salary he deserves and also regarding how to negotiate for salary. So situations where employees ask for over or lesser salary will be avoided.

The above mentioned information can encourage an individual to consider hiring the services of an healthcare recruitment firm.

Absolute Staffers specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in leading institutions across United States Of America. They have accumulated a large client base over a period of time. Their remuneration charges are extremely nominal.

7 Tips to Find a Perfect Healthcare Job in United States

Find a Perfect Healthcare Job
If you are looking for a bright career in the US Healthcare Industry, then there is no shortage of good options. The US healthcare industry is offering numerous well paid options. But finding the right healthcare job in US is not as simple as it seems.

Below mentioned are some tips which can help in standing tall amongst competition and getting noticed:

Look for Jobs as per your Individual Talent - A person should pursue a career in a field in which he is interested and has inherent talent. You have to recognize the specific areas in healthcare in which you can succeed. If cannot do well in one field then there is no point in brooding about it. Better concentrate on something which suits your strengths.

Ensure that you have the Right Qualification or Experience - Every job vacancy requires a particular qualification or experience. So before applying for a particular job vacancy you must make sure that it suits your qualification or experience.

Your Resume should contain the Right Keywords - In order to ensure that your resume gets noticed by the job recruiters, it should contain the right keywords. When a recruiter looks for resumes on a job website, he looks for keywords like travel nurse etc. So by including the suitable keywords in your resume, you can increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Proof Read your Resume - Before posting your resume on a job website or sending your resume for a job application. You must check it carefully for errors like spelling, punctuation, grammar etc. Such mistakes though minor in nature can create a bad impression in the minds of the recruiter and spoil your chances of getting hired.

Keep your Resume Updated - The experience and skills of a person can change from time to time. So in order to ensure that you keep on getting calls for right vacancies, you need to update your resume regularly. For example, suppose you have experience of working as a nurse for 5 years, but in your resume posted on a job website, it is mentioned your experience 3 years’, you might miss out on getting calls for suitable Registered Nurse Job Vacancy.

Hire the Services of Acclaimed Recruitment Agencies - There are various recruitment agencies like Absolute staffers LLC. those can help you out in finding suitable Jobs in the Medical Healthcare Industry as per your experience and qualification. Hiring these services can prove to be beneficial as the recruitment firms have professional relationships with prestigious business firms and can bring your resume to the notice of the right recruiters.

Maintain a Positive Disposition during the Interview Process - When you get called up for interview for a vacancy of your choice, you have to behave in a confident manner and talk only about positive things. Showing regret over the past mistakes or missed opportunities could prove costly. You have to showcase yourself as a person who learns from the past and focuses on the things which can be done in the future.

The above mentioned tips can prove to be extremely useful if implemented properly for someone looking to make a career in medical healthcare industry.

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