7 Job Positions You Thought a Professional Staffing Company Could Not Fill

Professional Staffing Company
We’ve found out that quite a number of people apart from the staffing sector know almost nothing with regards to professional staffing US. This really is astonishing taking into consideration that US staffing earnings is going to hit $150 billion by 2018, up from $125 .8 billion in 2012, as outlined by Staffing Industry Researchers.

Here’s an inquiry we at Absolute Staffers come across quite a number of times: “Do staff augmentation companies merely staff unskilled, short-term work?” A few do yes, however it’s a huge industry.

Employment and staff augmentation companies recruit all sorts of positions (full-time, permanent, contract-to-hire, and so on.), it doesn’t make a difference what your experience is—there’s possibly a position— and a professional staffing company for your requirements .

You could be amazed to come across your trade or occupation in this list below:

Probable Position: Apparel Designer
Apparel Designers in addition to buyers, customer support professionals and store managers and so on, come across their next gigs by means of a staffing company which specializes in retail.

Probable Position: Brand Narrative Writer
A lot of technology and IT staffing companies in the US additionally recruit full-time copywriters, technical bloggers, content strategist, proofreaders, as well as brand narrative writers.

Food & Drink
Probable Position: Regional Sales Associate for a Craft Brewery
With regards to food and drink staffing, it’s a lot more than catering and event staffing. A lot of companies put job seekers in places like brand representatives, sales consultants or possibly Director of Spirits at some wine company.

Art & Design
Probable Position: Art Director at a Cool Start-Up
Look for an innovative professional staffing USA based company and you may end up at a cool startup earning a living that you by no means thought was feasible.

Probable Position: CNC Machinist
A lot of companies focus on manufacturing placements with variable or long-term agreements for jobs in the manufacturing field.

Probable Position: Travel Mother/Baby Registered Nurse
There are lots of staffing companies that focus on healthcare staffing services—and a lot more specifically—travel nursing. Travel staffing companies facilitates applicants in finding housing and obtaining licenses, in addition to a satisfying career.

Real Estate/Property Supervisor
Probable Position: Property Supervisor at an upscale resident building
Contrary to popular belief, you can find companies that are experts in filling property management opportunities. Servicing technicians, concierges as well as rental consultants can all come across opportunities by means of a staffing company.

We at Absolute Staffers have hired a lot of candidates for the domains like Healthcare, Administrative as well as Technology and we'd love to find a suitable job for you as well. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you find your dream job in a jiffy. Our number is +1 301-498-0000 and the email id is info@absolutestaffers.com.

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