5 Common Misconceptions About Medical Healthcare Jobs In USA

medical healthcare jobs

The salaries in the US healthcare industry have grown in the last few years. But despite the lucrative opportunities available, not many people are showing interest in applying for these positions. Lack of qualification is not the reason behind this phenomenon. There are a few misconceptions regarding the medical healthcare jobs in USA, which have discouraged people from applying for such jobs. A brief insight regarding them has been mentioned below:

  • A management degree is required- Many people are under the wrong impression that for working as a healthcare executive, a medical degree is required. This is not at all true. Generally in hospital administration, experience is the main criteria for growth. Even a high school could prove enough. Most of the highly placed healthcare executives begin their career with bachelor degrees in health or public administration.

  • Hospital executives have to perform two duties- Most of the healthcare executives don’t offer patient care as they are not licensed physicians. Their duties mainly involve streamlining the hospital management functions and inspiring the other workers to perform them effectively. So mainly it is about displaying interpersonal skills and leadership. The healthcare executives have to perform patient care functions is a misbelief. The medical healthcare recruiters generally look for people with graduate degrees and additional credits in personnel management.

  • Leadership skills are innate- Healthcare administration is all about handling employees and patients while keeping the realities of budget in mind. It is not necessary that a person has to be a born leader; leadership skills can be learnt and mastered over a span of time.

  • Hospital executives have to perform fundraising- Another misconception regarding healthcare jobs is that fundraising is an important function. This is not true. Basically healthcare management is about ensuring that the various functions are completed effectively by spending minimum possible finances. So basically it is about offer quality services in minimum possible cost. It is about financial management rather than raising finances.

  • Higher administrative positions are given to old employees- This is a myth which has prevented many people from applying for higher level hospital administration positions. Though medical recruitment services give preference to in-house staff but qualified people who are capable of delivering results have a fair chance of getting recruited. Like in any other industry, there is bound to be some favoritism in the healthcare industry but it is much less than what is perceived. In the recruitment interviews the emphasis is generally on finding out whether the candidates can succeed in administration and mentoring tasks.

Anyone interested in following a career in hospital management, should not worry about the above mentioned misconceptions and look towards achieving his goal.

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